Eliminate Moisture with Chalk

Eliminate moisture with chalk and then have some fun!
Anyone who has a house at the lake, beach or on a wooded lot — where moisture tends to be an on-going problem — this tip is for you! Tucking a bundle of white school chalk (12 pieces, or so) in your closets and dressers can absorb moisture and help protect your wardrobe and linens. The chalk is odorless, won’t stain, is environmentally friendly and will help prevent mildew.

AND, if you keep a few pieces in your toolbox, the super moisture eliminating powers of chalk will also keep tools rust-free! WOW!!!

Replace the chalk every few months for best results, but don’t throw it out…

Give (old) the chalk to the kids, or better yet create a masterpiece yourself! The driveway is a wonderful giant canvas and the damp chalk is perfect tool for drawing on the rough surface. Imaginations take off! Not feeling like an artist — play hopscotch OR draw a big scoreboard and keep score during a family fun game of basketball! Chalk can be washed way easily with a squirt of the hose or a good rain. Have fun!

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